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Pattern for naming objects

Aleksandra Machewka 7 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Chandu Chinnu 3 lat temu 3
It would be a handy feature to allow user to define patterns for default object names, eg. primary keys. Currently, PK is formed using pattern "{objectName}_pk". Such pattern could be defined by user, having access to variables like {objectName}, {objectNameSingular} (for objects named in plural form). For FK, source and destination object names could be accessible, so user can form default FK name as "FK_{sourceObjectName}_{destinationObjectName}". I'm aware, that this can be done via explicitly naming PKs and FKs, but such feature would be useful when model is big and many relations exist.
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We've talked about it here in the team. For now, it's not on our roadmap. I will keep the thread open so that other users can upvote or comment about this feature.
Yes, there are several naming conventions, and I would love to just be able to select camelCase for my models.
This would be fantastic. Everytime I add an FK I have to rename it because I don't want table prefixes. It would also be cool to automatically add the primary key using a name pattern whenever I create a table.