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I don't know what extensions do you have installed. In my vanilla chrome popups are managed here chrome://settings/content. Did you added my.vertabelo.com as a exception?


Sorry, we're focus on ERD diagrams. There is no inherinance here. I've read postgresql documentation and I'm thinking about a support. Could you tell me more. How do use inheritance? What do you expect from Vertabelo?


We're working on this feature. It'll be available within two weeks.

Some users complain about auto-creation of foreign columns. This can be turned off in the next release. Here is a topic http://support.vertabelo.com/topic/588498-do-not-auto-create-foreign-key-reference/

You can set existing columns as a foreign keys.
1. Click on the reference.
2. Select PK column and FK column
3 Click "Add".

Here is a screenshot:


You can buy Pay Per Use during registration only. We're working to give this option to existing users. If it is not a problem please sign up again and buy pay per use. PM me if it doesn't suit you.

Technically it can be done but it doesn't make sense. Placing objects on the diagram is a part of the designing process. It's the same process like picking a proper name for table, column etc. I don't think we'll be able to define the "optimum place" for all possible designs and for all users. It's very subjective.
This is not an issue. Vertabelo generates DDL for tables without defined references. References are added later by "ALTER TABLE" commands.

Your discovery is not a workaround it's a the proper solution. References are not just connections between tables. References "reference" (point) rows in connected tables. Match is played by two teams (host,guest), so you two references.

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