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We would like to keep the script generation mechanism as simple as possible. Simplicity is our general idea. Adding an extra condition will make it more complex,  less obvious, and finally it'll become source of frustration for our users and us. 

I recommend  you should simply put  "[PRIMARY]" in the text field as in the picture. This is solution not a workaround :)

You're right. We'll change to "Ctrl". No one really knowns why "shift" was chosen :)
Please use "Shift" instead of "Ctrl". Maybe we should add "Ctrl" as well?
We're thinking about it. Reverse and forward engineering running just like in a desktop application, a dream :). JWS or applet is not an option. I treat it as obsolete technology. Chrome extension + kind of agent  is an answer. I've made some tests so it can be done. There are plenty of security and UX issues to solve.  Stay tuned. 
Sorry, don't know how to help you. The URL  that you have provided points to your local machine.
Good idea. We will add validation for all object names. Stay tuned.

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