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It may happen on bad network connections. Do still see this message?


There is a problem with "IDENTITY(1000, 1)" declaration in the first column. This is not valid PostgreSQL column spec, but Redshift extension. If you remove this declaration, you'll be able to import table.




Yes, it's not possible to add more points. It's by design. 

When do you need to add more points to a relationship line?


Thanks for the bug report. We're fix it ASAP.


Yes, it's outdated.

We've moved editing defaults to the diagram.

# Please open your diagram

# Click on the diagram background 

# You'll see "Model properties" on the right panel

# Expand "Default Additinional Properties" section.


Generated SQL script can contains two types of comments:

#  comments for a human that reads the script. Line starts with '--'

#  comments on database object. DDL command e.g. 

This options turns on/off the latter comments.

Hope it helps.


You may disable this warning. 

1. Click on the diagram background

2. Expand "Model validation settings" on the right panel

3. Uncheck "Invalid name" checkbox in "Table" section


That ticket is private now. Here is an instruction:

Please do the following steps:
1. Please log in
2. Open https://my.vertabelo.com/company-account/documents - this is a page showing all documents in the team.
3. Select user that you want to delete in the top left select field.
4. For each document where he is an owner please remove it or take access of it.
5. Remove user.

Hope it helps.

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