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its an ok workaround. Here at Fitbit, one of the main value propositions of Vertabelo is being able to share the model easily via links. We embed them in our documentation wiki. The other being value prop is the notion of being able to put our entire enterprise data warehouse in a single model and use subject areas for comprehension. However, in a year, there will be 200 to 300 tables in that model. Links to subject areas would allow us to embed those in the wiki and have them update automatically as the architect updates the model. Needing to generate pngs and remembering to update the wiki manual takes most the value away from that proposition
I've disabled all popup blockers and still cannot print. Pushing the button yields no response.
Integrating a data dictionary with a data model would be really really great
This would be a hugely valuable feature for us. Reverse engineering directly via a database connection would make it much easier to get the initial model setup. Connecting to a database catalog, identifying deltas and then creating a change script is possible the single most valuable feature I've found in other modeling tools.