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If you click on an item in the sub-nav menu then this item indicates default behaviour of left-click action.
For example, if click on the 'add new table' icon then after every click on the diagram new table will be added (until you change it). How to add a table

Every item has related number (e.g. add new table - 3). You can switch between them by pressing this number on a keyboard.

I think our solution is easier when it comes to batch adding and that's way we chose it.

I will keep the issue open so the other users can upvote and comment of this feature.


You can execute mysql queries via Vertabelo Talk.

You can read about Vertabelo Talk at our blog: Discover Vertabelo Talks

I hope this helps


The fix is already on production.

Edit: Please copy again


Yes, it is a bug.
I think, the correct syntax is (as sqlite's faq mentions https://www.sqlite.org/faq.html#q1):

    id integer NOT NULL,
    css_version varchar(10) NOT NULL,
    syntax_id integer NOT NULL,

If column has type 'integer' and 'primary key' then has also 'autoincrement'.

In this case, the fastes solution is to unset an autoincrement option.

I hope this helps.


I've tried reproduce this behaviour on the same OS and web browser but without success.

Could you please attach a screenshot. Information about browser extensions, screen resolution will be helpful, too.


This feature is unavailable right now, but we are going to restore it. I will keep you posted.

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