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Hi there,

Not sure what you mean, but I can imagine that this response gets generated when my browser session has timed out. Most mornings when I open my computer my initial Vertabelo browser tab shows "Oops, something went wrong", it could be that. No problem for me, I just refresh the browser and I'm logged in again automatically.

Regarding the document path feature I requested... I lost interest in this when I realised that the document tree is unique for each user. You would need to implement a common document folder structure for all project users, only then would the document path be relevant for us.


Hi Rafal,

Fantastic, this works :-)

Is there any chance of also returning the path of the document in the My Vertabelo tree?


Thanks Rafal, all of the calls worked with no need to a password :-)


I would like to query the document tree structure in order to retrieve the name, path and model ID associated with each document in the tree.


Any news on this?

In general it would be great to have the product roadmap published and regularly updated to see what features are on the way in so we can plan accordingly.