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PO 4501733098 Vertabelo BP006524.pdf

Hi Luke, 

Please find attached the PO 4501733098. Please reply to confirm receipt.

You MUST list the Purchase Order number on your invoice or we will not be able to process for payment.

Invoices need to be sent email to:


Let me know if anything else is required on our end.

Hi Luke, 

I understand the service expiration date is today and I'm working to get our PO processed today but just to avoid service interruptions, can you extend the service for a couple more days. 

Can you please let me know if this is possible?


We have some internal processes to follow before submitting a PO for renewal. 

Can you share a quote first with the next renewal period?

Hi Lukasz, 

I assume yes. 

This is last year's invoice.


Can you please share the quote for the next period and have it sent to my email please?