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Need for in-house version

shepel.oleksiy 2 days ago 0

Hi guys,

Do you plan to develop desktop version of Vertabelo modeling tool, since there is no modern analogs of Erwin which is almost obsolete?

Under review

FK tag in "properties" column of auto-generated documentation

Luka Čubelić 2 weeks ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 6 days ago 1

Is it possible to add the "FK" in the "properties" column of the fields that are foreign keys in some table, just like it says "PK" for the primary key?


Add data type support for PostgreSQL

Matthew Weber 2 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1

This is the datatype recommended by PG to use but it isn't supported.

Likewise Serial2 would be a nice addition

Under review

Delete folder

Itzel Delgado Villanueva 3 weeks ago • updated by Adam Mościcki 2 weeks ago 1

I want to start by saying that the system is excellent, I just found a bug and I'm glad to tell you about it, so I contribute to its better functioning ...

Bug: When I try to delete a folder it is throwing me a javascript error ...


How to create a query joining tables

Fabien SARFATI 3 weeks ago • updated by Adam Mościcki 3 weeks ago 1

Hello all,

I have existing tables in a database, in a star schema.

I would like a visual tool to create a query joining all tables of the star schema.

Can I do this with Vertabelo ?

Thank you very much

Adam Mościcki 3 weeks ago


No, you can't. There is no such option.

Best regards,


Security / Privacy

Julian Thomas 1 month ago • updated by Łukasz Kubicki 4 weeks ago 1

I would like to start using this product, but the models that I create here will reveal privileged, proprietary information about my clients, so I need to be comfortable with the associated privacy.

How are the models secured, what assurances do I have as to the privacy of my models?

Łukasz Kubicki 4 weeks ago

Hi Julian,

Thanks for reaching out. All the models are hosted on our dedicated servers in Poland. Under the link below you'll find our security white paper which I hope sheds light on the most interesting topics.

Vertabelo Security White Paper

If you need any further information, please let us know.



Under review

Remove watermark

Denise Herne 1 month ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 1 month ago 1

I have the licence for vertabelo but still, when I generate my png it is showing watermark . how to remove that?

Under review

login doesn't works

Vitoria Turina 1 month ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 1 month ago 1

Hi, I've made a login in Vertabelo with my e-mail account, event bought the SQL complete course and made some lessons, but now, when I tried to login again, the plataform says that my user doesn't exist. Can someone plese, help me? 


Under review

Support for Postgres array data types

Phil Constantinou 2 months ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 1 month ago 1

How should I handle array data types from Postgres 9.2 in Vertabelo. 

- Can I declare them visually?

- Can I create indexes on them?

- If not, is there a workaround.