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reference name seems to be invalid

Obiora Nwosu 5 months ago • updated by EmilioBowen yesterday at 11:58 a.m. 4

The Oracle SQL generator dont add the comments associate to the tables and columns.

Erika Valerio 6 days ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 4 days ago 3

A couple of days ago I used the sql generator and the comments were associated without problems. However, today I try to generate the Oracle SQL of my model and it does not add any comments to the objects. My account is free for the moment. I would appreciate your quick response and attention. Greetings.


pg_dump and pg_dump all tools backup create zero size backup file from linux putty terminal

nigersultana10 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 2

I have install postgres database version 9.6 , 10  on OS Centos 7 64 bit. trying to taken backup with this command

-bash-4.2$ pg_dump -h localhost -Fc backupdb > /var/lib/pgsql/niger_pgbackup/nigerpg_bkp.sql.

but problem is the backup file size had zero . I have tried many time. Kindly help where i have wrong.

-bash-4.2$ pg_dump -h localhost -Fc backupdb > /var/lib/pgsql/niger_pgbackup/nig erpg_bkp.sql
-bash-4.2$ cd niger_pgbackup/
-bash-4.2$ ls -ltr
total 0
-rwxrwxrwx 1 postgres postgres 0 Oct 7 23:38 nigerpg_bkp.sql




Installation errors in MAC OS based system

navalrobin 2 weeks ago 0

One of the common drawbacks of Mac OS systems is installation errors. As there are several restrictions which usually gives trouble to users. They take other details from Apple customer support that will be useful for them to get rid of such issues easily.


how can i sql execute queary

Yash Sharma 3 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1

Made a foreign key, but this relationship is not shown in SQL preview

le_univers 2 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1

Apology if this is too basic, but I'm really new to everything and struggling.

So I know how to make a foreign key 

: When there are 2 entities, A and B, you draw a reference from A to B and voila,

the primary keys of A are shown in the B entity boxes as foreign keys, with some names like "A_id".

But when I actually check the SQL preview of B, I don't see any such information as that this data is coming from A.

Am I missing something? How can I make a SQL code like below show up?



Hi, Would be possible to switch my trial account to the Academic Account for students? Your help would be appreciated.

Martin Kleis 3 years ago • updated by Adam Mościcki 3 weeks ago 6
I tried to enroll to the academic account, but could not find the correct link. Could you please alter my account accordingly. Kind Regards, Martin

External Connection?

mbilliodeaux+vertabelo 4 weeks ago • updated 3 weeks ago 4

Is there a way that I can create and edit tables and records using either:

  • MySQL WorkBench or 
  • PGAdmin?

Thanks in advance

Adam Mościcki 3 weeks ago


Vertabelo is a database modeling tool. You can create a database model, generate an SQL script and then apply it with WorkBench or PGAdmin.
We don't have any integration with those tools per se.

Best regards,
Adam Mościcki


Allow multiple imports to one model

Kent Graziano 3 years ago • updated by Adam Mościcki 3 weeks ago 5
It would be nice to allow us to run the import or reverse engineering utility multiple times for one model. Then we can incrementally build out a design based on other databases.

I tried to import a second DDL file (with additional views) to my model and that over wrote my entire existing model. Not good.

Thankfully I was able to use the restore feature to bring back the previous version from before the import.

Wrong sign up option

Matthew Powell 3 years ago • updated by Marco Sepp 3 weeks ago 8

I have signed up to vertabelo wrong, I was supposed to sign up through my University and use Vertabelo for education purposes only. However, i've signed up to a basic account and now I'm being asked to upgrade my account. Is there any way I can get my models from this account to a new account for academic purposes?