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import from SQL throwing error "Null"...

Evgeniya Makarova 3 days ago 0

hi folks.

I am trying to reverse engineer and importing from SQL( Redshift) 

Getting this error :"ERROR:null"

That is it. No clue at which line ..what.. 


Import of large XML file doesn't work

Nick Rossiter 2 weeks ago updated by Adam Mościcki 5 days ago 3

Hi there, I am trying to import an xml file that I created using the Vertabelo Reverse Engineering tool. However, when I try to import it, nothing seems to happen when I click the import button.

The file is rather large, the database that I reverse engineered it from has 600+ tables with 10000+ columns, 600+ views and 1000+ references resulting in an xml file of ~17MB.

I reverse engineered a subset of tables from the same database giving a much smaller file and that imported with no problems so I'm wondering if it is a size issue. Is there a maximum allowed size of the import file?



Adam Mościcki 5 days ago


We have increased the limit to 30MB.

Please try again.

Best regards,



desktop app

Yume Saiko 4 weeks ago updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 3 weeks ago 1

it's a good tools but, the only issue is that it's fully online. can you make a desktop offline version ?


Export and Import via Excel (for Physical and Logical Model)

Francesco Tortora 4 weeks ago 0

Could you please evaluate to allow export and import logical and physical data model via csv?

When we design a data model we map all the entities and attributes using Excel (specially for LOGICAL model), in vertabelo the only option to import logical and physical is using xml file.

Under review

Show only PK and FK from Physical Diagram

Francesco Tortora 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 2

Is it possible to show on physical diagram only the primary key and foreign key attributes? 

I have a big model and showing all the attributes from the diagram it is not readable, does exits the functionality to show only PK and FK?



Rob Hill 1 month ago 0
I am now getting spam emails from companies through Vertabelo.
I pay a subscription and now, for that, I am getting spammed with advertising.
This is outrageous.


hide data types

Chris Waters 2 months ago 0

Do you have an option when viewing or especially when generating a diagram as a pdf, etc. to hide the data types for the columns?  Often, you can get a more complete view of complex diagrams that way and usually without loss of too much info.

Under review

Dark theme

Ivan Rave 7 years ago updated by Dean 2 months ago 5
It would be nice to work with diagram using dark theme. I suppose many developers use dark-theme editors. and it's hard for eyes to switch to light themes.

Displaying a grid background

Gary Sangha 7 years ago updated by Marthinus Bosman 3 months ago 5
It would be nice to have an option to set the background to a grid or have some sort of other 'guideline' feature that makes it easier to line up tables etc. so they a straight and look good

Grid functionality has been alredy introduced. You can find this feature in Format tab of Model properties (right panel) as shown on the following screenshot.

Under review

Add option to hide all types and only display field names

Matt Kuntz 7 years ago updated by Chris Waters 3 months ago 2
We had an issue recently where, while going over a model, people kept getting confused or stuck on types as we were working on it. It would be nice to be able to hide types while editing and on export.

Also, I saw another request for hiding FKs, which fits in nicely.
Jack Polkowski 7 years ago
Thanks, Matt, you for your proposal. It is now under consideration.
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