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purdyr 17 hours ago • updated 17 hours ago 1

if i pay the 7-900$ a year, and i create several data models, how do i share with my coworkers or boss or VP? do they get a login and all of us can use it for that price? or i am assuming only i have edit access and i can create a pdf or some kind of view and email it to coworkers/boss/vp?  can u help me understand this? thank you

in a perfect world, i'd like to pay the price for me to create data models and allow others to only "view" my data model but not get charged. is this possible?


Import SQL Not working

Kristen Milner 1 day ago • updated by Adam Mościcki 18 hours ago 5

Looks like you recently updated the UI, removing the import DDL button from the toolbar and instead putting it under the left menu (with model name). Took me a while to find it, but eventually I did.  BUT, when I try to copy/paste my DDL (generated from existing SQL Server database) into the popup box, it does not behave as expected. Rather than pasting the text I have on my clipboard, it ignores the popup and simply adds a random table (unrelated to the DDL I have on my clipboard) to my model. Not sure when this change took effect, but perhaps it introduced a bug. 


Print model of data

Rodrigo Zenteno 1 day ago 0

For the printing of models, it would be very interesting to have the option to choose just print PK and FK or All the columns of the tables, since for large models, it is not displayed well.


Hi, Would be possible to switch my trial account to the Academic Account for students? Your help would be appreciated.

Martin Kleis 3 years ago • updated by Kristjan Peterson 1 day ago 7
I tried to enroll to the academic account, but could not find the correct link. Could you please alter my account accordingly. Kind Regards, Martin
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Alastair Easton 3 years ago • updated by Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 2 weeks ago 5

Can you add the DDL extensions for redshift


Data Model to DFM to Data Vault

olajideolaolorun 2 years ago • updated by Jeff Arlt 2 weeks ago 2

If a Data Model is drawn, is there an easy way to convert to DFM or DV 1 or 2.0?



Add support for the MySQL float Data Type

Barrie Walker 3 weeks ago • updated by Mariusz Zakrzewski 2 weeks ago 1

float is currently missing for MySQL


previlege required to reverse engineer

Jay Cheruvelil 3 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 3 weeks ago 2

What privilege do you require for the user account to reverse engineer an oracle database ,   read access is sufficient ? or higher privilege is required . I need to ask this privilege to my admin

Under review

how to use the reverse Reverse engineering to? 14?

mo aarab 2 years ago • updated by Jay Cheruvelil 3 weeks ago 2

is it possible to get an example to SQL Server 14? I'm don't know anything of java

Adam Mościcki 2 years ago

1. Download reverse engingeering
2. Download jdbc driver (exe file should install jar somewhere)
3. In the download folder do:

java -cp .:reverse-engineering-1_6_12.jar:sqljdbc4.jar com.vertabelo.reverse.Main -url jdbc:sqlserver://[serverName[\instanceName][:portNumber]][;property=value[;property=value]] -user USERNAME -password PASSWORD -o OUTPUT_FILENAME

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Adam Mościcki