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problem printing pdf format

Luciano Ciccotti 15 hours ago 0

Hi Everyone,

I'm testing the application and I've found a problem to generate pdf files on print option.
I've been trying using IE and Chrome and got the same behavior on that.

The application stopped and no file was generated. Evidence in attach.pdf.pdf


How do I Import XML?

Daniel Lewis 20 hours ago • updated 20 hours ago 1

Per your questions here I am able to export a database in XML and import it to another. This is not correct, your export is 4x as big as the maximum file size allowed. 


Web page Showing Error very Often

Shradha Samantray 6 days ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) yesterday at 6:34 a.m. 1

Getting the below error very often. I am on chrome.


Web page showing Error after few minutes of Inactivity

Shradha Samantray 6 days ago 0

Getting the below error very often. I am on chrome browser.


Reverse Engineering from SQL file option not working as expected

shradha 2 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 1 week ago 3

I have tried to create a vertabelo model using the "From Sql" file option , but for few tables it doesn't create all the columns.

I checked the sql file and the create table statement has all the columns


Export database model to a word document where each table is represented as Word table with Columname and ColumnType

Elif T. Kuş 3 years ago • updated by Metin Demircioglu 1 week ago 6
It would be great for preparing Design Documents if we could export to db model to a word document, where each database table would be converted to a Word table where the first row would be the table name and there would be two columns. One the column name the other one the datatype. Maybe even a third row with the description.


How to add more than one reference point in a relationship?

Daniel Mor 2 weeks ago • updated by Rafał Strzaliński (Senior Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1

I would like to know how to add more than one additional reference point to a relationship. The following link explains how to add one, but it appears not to be possible to add more.


How to import a DB schema from Redshift?

Yuval Shefler 3 years ago • updated by shradha 2 weeks ago 2
I'd like to import our existing DB schema from Amazon Redshift. 
Can you advise how to go about it?


postgresql types

Chris Santero 4 years ago • updated by David Henley 2 weeks ago 6
Are you planning on supporting postgresql JSON, enum, and array types?


Jussi Kinnula 7 months ago • updated by obet1959 2 weeks ago 1

It would be nice to define functions as separate blocks in the diagram. Now I'm using "Additional SQL scripts" section in relevant tables to define functions, but since functions can consist of many views or tables it would be nice to separate them.