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The application UI is not working properly. I have used this product for years and now the simple activities like moving an entity and creating a relationship is not working.

John Wienecke 1 тиждень тому оновлено Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 5 днів тому 1

When adding a second entity, I can not move it to a different location  on the design panel, all entities move together.  Secondly creating a relationship by dragging is not work, either nothing happens when dragging the relationship arrow or it creates a relationship to the same entity.  Very from frustrating.  I can not use this tool at this point. 


Please add HTL Spengergasse to academic institutions

Matteo Tripolt 2 тижні тому 0

Please add to the whitelisted academic institutions.

Here is the website

Є відповідь

i want to add 2 existent accounts on my team and don´t miss my created models and tables

SieWeb 3 тижні тому оновлено Jarosław Błąd (CEO) 3 тижні тому 1

this 2 accounts was be created previously like a student account, now we want licencing this account like a team, but we don't want missing models and tables previously created becouse this are some important by us


closed set ?

Keyoumu Aisikeer 3 тижні тому оновлений 3 тижні тому 1

We say a set of attributes X is closed ( with respect to a given set of FD’s) If X+= X.

Consider a relation with schema R(A,B,C,D) and unknown set of FD’s. If we are told which set of attributes are closed, we can discover the FD’s. What are the FD’s if

a) All sets of the four attributes are closed


inability to create an academic account

gabrielgg 3 тижні тому 0
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When I try to create my academic account, the website is saying that "Provided email address is not academic. Please, enter the address with your college's or university's domain." I have friends that already have an academic account with this same domain. How may Captura de tela 2024-03-25 153210.pngI proceed?


Educational institution is not on the white list - Fatec University

eduardo farias 3 тижні тому 0


I am a Database student in Brazil

I would like to ask my study friends to use your tool in activities with a student account, it will be very good for our studies.

University email:

University website:

My email for more details is: and my LinkedIn is:


Problema para criar conta educacional estudante

joaopedro192003 5 місяців тому оновлено eduardo farias 3 тижні тому 1

Estou tentando criar uma conta educacional de estudante para mim, mas está dizendo que meu e-mail está bloqueado e que devo entrar em contato com o suporte.


Could you add my academic email please?

eduardo farias 3 тижні тому оновлений 3 тижні тому 0


I would like you to add my academic email domain so that all students at the university can use Vertabelo. The college is quite large and many students would be grateful to use Vertabelo.

Thanks in advance!

Faculty website:

Academic domain: