Account missing

imrankhanamardan 7 year бұрын updated by anonymous 7 year бұрын 2

I had an account with email: imrankhanamardan@gmail.com. Now when I enter my credentials it says "We don't have an account with the email address you have provided." Can someone please help me with that?


What system do you try to log into? Please note that there are two separate systems:

- Vertabelo - https://my.vertabelo.com - which provides a set of DB tools such as DB modeler,

- Vertabelo Academy - https://academy.vertabelo.com - which is e-learning tool to learn SQL.

While you have an account in the latter, there's no account related to your e-mail in the first one. Please make sure you try to log into the proper system.

Please let me know in case you still cannot log into your account