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Account missing

imrankhanamardan 6 років тому оновлено Michał Kołodziejski 6 років тому 2

I had an account with email: imrankhanamardan@gmail.com. Now when I enter my credentials it says "We don't have an account with the email address you have provided." Can someone please help me with that?

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What system do you try to log into? Please note that there are two separate systems:

- Vertabelo - https://my.vertabelo.com - which provides a set of DB tools such as DB modeler,

- Vertabelo Academy - https://academy.vertabelo.com - which is e-learning tool to learn SQL.

While you have an account in the latter, there's no account related to your e-mail in the first one. Please make sure you try to log into the proper system.

Please let me know in case you still cannot log into your account