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PDF generation problems

Nuo Xu 9 year бұрын updated by Agnieszka Kozubek-Krycuń (Chief Scientist) 9 year бұрын 4
when i use print to generate pdf version i came across 2 problems. first one is , when i go back to the edit model, i lost my previous work which i believed it should be aotu saved. Second is , it always breaks my design into several pages which i wanted it to be in one page. Since it beaks my design into several pages, it breaks my tables and references into different pages and makes it hard to read
I'll start with the second issue. You can enable an option that shows a grid on the diagram. It presents the boundaries of pages and this way you have full control over the resulting PDF file.
Here's how to setup this option:

Regarding the loss of you work - this definately shouldn't happen. Can you reproduce this scenario? In case of any problems with auto-save you should be shown "Oops, we've got a problem" page disabling further editing.
Same issue here. I have set up the properties as Tabloid, margins at 10 and it still creates 6 pages to print, with tables separated. Is there a way to reduce it to at least 2 pages (tabloid) sizes?
The gray grid lines show page boundaries. I've checked your model and it spans over 6 pages. You have to move your tables manually so that the model spans over two pages.