I cannot change my plan to academic, but I am a tafe student

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I try to manage my plan, but there is no Non-commercial plan option
excellent customer service.
when a problem comes up, stuff always give a quick reply.
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Your email wasn't recognized as an academic address because it didn't contain "edu", and - on the other hand - the domain "tafensw.net.au" isn't on our white list. I've checked your university's website and I confirmed that students have their addresses in the "tafensw.net.au" domain. Therefore, tomorrow our developers will add this domain to our white list and you'll be able to switch to academic plan automatically after completing a registration form in "Manage personal account plan" panel.
Carina, your student domain is now whitelisted. Try to change plan to academic and let me know if you succeeded.
sorry,in "Manage personal account plan" panel, I do not where to complete a registration form
and I still can not find the Non-commercial plan option in the "Manage personal account plan" panel.
We don't have "non-commercial plan" (we no longer offer such accounts). At the moment, we have Academic plan only. It can be used for educational purposes only by lecturers and students (we don't call this "non-commercial" since this plan can be used by non-public universities and colleges).

Here is a step-by-step instruction how to convert a free or paid plan into academic one:

1. Click "My account" in the top menu bar:

2. Click the "Manage personal account plan" button:

3. In "Manage personal account plan" panel, go to the bottom of the page. There's a section "Academic account plan". Click the "Request Academic plan" button on the right:

4. When being in the "Request Academic account plan" section, select an appropriate option ("lecturer" or "student") and the rest of the registration form will appear. You must complete all fields, and then click the button "Confirm". After that your account plan will be changed to academic automatically since your email domain was added to our academic domains "white" list.

Note that this account can be used only by student or lecturers learning/teaching databases, SQL or related topics. It mustn't be used by non-commercial or non-governmental organizations.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact me via Support.
sorry, I did follow the step you told me, but at step 3, there is not an "academic account plan" at the bottom of the "Manage personal account plan" page.
could you please help me to change to academic account plan at the back or just close my account, so I can register again use this email address.
Ok, I already know what's wrong. You have registered for a trial account plan, while the option of switching plan to academic one is available only for users of a free account plan.
But don't worry, we switched your account manually. Now, you should have the academic account plan.