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Built-in option to change the database engine when working on a model

Patrick Otin 5 years ago updated by KenL 1 year ago 4
Recently, when I was working on a big db model, I needed to change database from PostgreSQL to SQL Server. I haven't found such a functionality in Vertabelo, but finally I managed to convert my model using XML Export/Import features.
I'm sure that many users would appreciate if you could add a new option which will allow to change database engine when still working on a model. You could even implement the same mechanism to perform model migration from one database to another (I mean XML Export/Import). After changing the engine, user would get notifications on all problems with incorrect or not-supported datatypes, and obviously he should correct them manually.
This one simple option would do exactly the same as the process described here:
This would be useful, along with some sort of multi-model or strict ISO version. I can't imagine there is much that one engine offers that another doesn't so a great deal of conversion should be achievable, such as migrating types.

When working in project that targets multiple database engines, the design needs to be created as a generic relational database model. This model can then be used with the SQL generators for the different target systems.

This also requires a module where the designer can model the data domains and there mapping to the target database.

Holy Cow!  Obviously.