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Please ask this question here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/rlang.  There is large community which can help you. 


There no way to add a "service account" to the team at this time. 

Your client can sign up (Premium Plan). You will able to share documents (read only) with her/him (https://support.vertabelo.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/306-how-to-share-the-model-with-others). 

You may also publish a model and share the link. Everyone with the link will be able to view the model. Not sure if  sharing the link suits you.

I'll put your idea regarding "service account" ("viewers"/"audience") in our backlog.

Hi Mick,

XSD is not publicly available yet. Will check if we can publish it. 

What is an input format you've tying to import?


There is no public API to fetch model IDs. I'll add your request to our backlog. 

Do you need any other functionality to be provided by API?

We've got "Export Model to Image" functionality available on the tool bar.

You may:

1. Export model as SVG file

2. Import SVG to you favorite graphical tool.

Hope it helps.

It's fixed. It'll be available with the next production roll out. 

It's fixed. It will be available with the next production roll out.  

You're right. We will fix it ASAP.