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Java 14 is not supported yet. Please install older version of Java, 11 for example. 

We're working on newer version of this tool. It will address Java installation issue.

SQL script generation tool you've trying to use is "table" oriented. It will generate script that contains table and than other related object (references, indexes). General rule is: generated script must be runable against the real empty database. If you select a reference it will generate reference and corresponding tables. 

If you want to create a script that applies changes between model versions. Please right click on the model name on documents page  and pick "Model migration" option.

Thanks for details. We will try to reproduce it on this specific Chrome on Windows. 

Hi Scott, 

Thanks for a bug report. Could give us more details? 

1. What version of the browser and OS do you use?

2. Do you have any ad blocking extension?

Hi Scott,

It can't connect. We do not offer connecting to any database. 


We do not have any plans to extend API at this moment.

Hi Joel,

We consider adding Snowflake support. It's on early stage of analysis. What  Snowflake specific objects are you using. besides  standard SQL objects like tables, view, indexes?