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I've tried to reproduce the setup I defined in the SQL that prompted this topic, but have been unsuccessful. And I have never set anything with quoted_identifier in the current database. I think this can be closed as not reproducible. Thanks for looking into it!
I was using the auto-generated SQL from Vertabello and the quoted "Order" caused an error with SQL Server 2012. I'm not entirely sure what the entire scenario was, but when I manually updated to [Order], everything ran fine. A bit of research and it appears that QUOTED_IDENTIFIER must be enabled to allow the double quotes, otherwise, brackets must be used.
Found the option for identity seed/increments and it works great. Not sure if this is intended behavior, but I can set the increment increment without setting the identity seed; when I do that, the SQL generated strips the increment/seed (which makes sense without a seed). When this occurs, should there be an error on the table?