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We support only standard PostgreSQL types, the Geometry type is from Postgis extension.

The warning does not block database modelling process.

You can hide this type of warnings by:

  • click somwhere in diagram (uncheck any table)
  • in the Model Properties panel go to the Model validation settings
  • uncheck the Supported database type (warnings) option

The new Beta version is improved with gui and embedded java version, reverse process is the same as in previous version.

Importing live database is ok because tool operates on a schema not on a data.

The working area in modeler view consist of left pane, center workspace and right pane. Left and right panes can be hidden.

Double-click on a table in left pane should scroll to target table in the center workspace.

The right pane contains settings and problems found in selected table.

There is new version of Reverse Engineering tool, you can download it (depending on your system) from:

The new version does not require java on your computer. The README file contains instruction. It is Beta version.