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Of course, we provide our users with the information on our XML file's structure. This info is available on our blog:

Unfortunately, a few days ago we introduced many significant changes that made the article out of date. At the moment, we are preparing a new article that is to be published on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

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I just want you to know that we published a blog article describing how the crow's foot notation was implemented in Vertabelo. I hope you will find the answers for your questions there:



Unfortunately, academic email addresses are strictly required. Moreover, most popular email domains, like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc., are blacklisted in our system and users cannot register for academic accounts using emails with these domains.

If your IT support team doesn't provide students with email accounts on the college's server, maybe they could create just email aliases with the college's domain but pointing to students' accounts on external servers? That way they will not have to create accounts but only aliases redirecting emails to other addresses. In such case we would add the college's domain to our white list and all students having addresses with this domain would be able to register for their academic accounts without any additional requirements. You could ask your lecturer for help in contacting your IT team and dealing with this issue.


You must have an academic email address, i.e., the address with your college's domain. After we add this domain to our white list of verified academic domains, every person having an email with such a domain will be able to register for an academic account without any additional requirements.

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Since you are not the only person who asked us this question, we decided to write an article on crow's foot notation and its variation used in Vertabelo. The article will be published on our blog in a few weeks. If you would like to be up to date with our publications, follow us on Twitter.

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Here you've got more info on how to use data types that are not listed in the data types panel:

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Thanks for the idea! I granted 20 bonus points to you for this new feature request.


Your account plan has been just changed to premium. Now, you can import both SQL and XML files.

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I just changed your post's category from "Ideas" to "Questions", since the "Ideas" category if for new feature requests.