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This time we didn't have any issues within our infrastructure.

The "Oops" message you were seeing is a consequence of our "fail-fast" policy. We don't want the situation where our users lose their long-time work, that's why we're interrupting whenever we detect network problems (more than 30 seconds of lack of connectivity with our servers).

We've made some tests of the site accessibility from different parts of the world (independent from our infrastructure, using pingdom and webpagetest). Our datacenter is located in Europe and page load times within Europe were reaching 1-3 seconds. At the same time, requests from USA (San Jose, New York) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) were varying between 10 up to 27 seconds. This is something we have no control over.

We'll keep monitoring the situation.

Bonjour, je suis desole mais la seul langue que nous utilisons est l'anglais, pas francais.

Do you want to purchase access to our SaaS platform or buy an in-house license (Vertabelo installation on your servers)?

In the first case, we don't support annual payments. We accept only monthly charges with a credit card. You can provide your billing details on "My account" -> "Buy subscription" page.

In case of in-house license, you'd need to register on and go to "My account" page. On the bottom you'll find "In-house licenses" section where you can buy one.

We've just added support for browsers other than Chrome and Safari. You can now work with Vertabelo using Edge or Firefox.

We have some support for descriptions.

In case of SQL Server, comments will be parsed and imported if your DDL looks like this:

    id int  NOT NULL,
    full_name varchar(255)  NOT NULL,
    email varchar(255)  NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT client_pk PRIMARY KEY  (id)
  EXEC sp_addextendedproperty
    @name  = N'MS_Description',
    @value = N'Clients data',
    @level0type = N'SCHEMA',
    @level0name = 'dbo',
    @level1type = N'TABLE',
    @level1name = 'client'; EXEC sp_addextendedproperty
     @name = N'MS_Description',
     @value = N'Client identifier',
     @level0type = N'SCHEMA',
     @level0name = 'dbo',
     @level1type = N'TABLE',
     @level1name = 'client',
     @level2type = N'COLUMN',
     @level2name = 'id';

You can try to import it and you'll be able to see a table comment as well as "id" column comment.

Hope this helps.

You need to export the model from the old account, import it to the new one and then share it again with your team.

Please try again in the incognito mode. If it works, the identified possible causes are browser extensions and old cookies that were not deleted by the browser for some reason.

Please let us know the result.

On which page is the link that you click? Is it "Pricing" page?

Please follow this link:

There already is an "undo" and "redo" functionality in our tool.

After making some change you can either type CTRL+z or click a button in the toolbar:

I think it's just what you described, isn't it?

Vertabelo doesn't do anything like this. The references between tables are created either by hand or automatically during reverse-engineering based on foreign keys.