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OK, that's fine, please do that.
Shortcuts will do the job nicely!
Whilst I agree to a point that table placement is part of the design process, I for one value visual clarity of my model over functional organisation. Lines crossing is just wrong!
This would be useful, along with some sort of multi-model or strict ISO version. I can't imagine there is much that one engine offers that another doesn't so a great deal of conversion should be achievable, such as migrating types.
This would be fantastic. Everytime I add an FK I have to rename it because I don't want table prefixes. It would also be cool to automatically add the primary key using a name pattern whenever I create a table.
Using MS SQL there is a problem with the implementation of "table index names must be unique". When it is ticked index names must be unique across the model despite this not being an MS SQL requirement. Unticked and I can have duplicate index names within a table!
I'd like to see whole diagram auto formatting. I imported a model from MySQL and it was a bit of mess. I like to avoid lines crossing which can sometime require a bit of re-organisation, be nice if I could press a button to do it instead.